One-liners per slide for better storytelling

Every slide should have one key idea which logically leads to the next slide’s key idea, thus creating a story that’s easy to follow until the final conclusion. 

You want to make sure you understand what is the key idea of your slides and how they flow together. How do you do that?

First, you write down a one-liner which describes that one important, short message per slide. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it sounds as it forces you to trim your knowledge into a crystalized beam of wisdom. However, it’s worth going through this step. 

Once you’ve finished writing those one sliders and memorizing their core idea, test yourself. Look at a random slide- and try to remember what was that one-ligner there.

Having a logical, high-level flow of your slides will help you glide-through naturally and skillfully. You will feel a lot more secure and comfortable and it will show. Even if due to excitement, worry or disturbances you will mess up some parts, you will have your presentation’s skeleton in your head and you’re likely to have a more focused, flowing, confident talk. 

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