Presentation planning- the best order to work with

When formulating your presentation, work in the following order: middle, ending, beginning.

Similarly to movie productions, start working on developing the middle first. That’s your storyline where you present the data and build the story and tension.

Then get to the clear-cut climax. That’s your ending, the recommendation, the conclusion, the end goal. The grand finale.

Then and only then go back to working on the beginning, that’s your teaser, trailer.

That’s the hardest part actually to execute well.

Think about how to give just enough information about the journey they’ll embark on with you now to tease your audience, to make them want to really listen and engage.

What are they going to learn and take away from today that they should care about? (And worth getting off their phones for)

Much easier to do so once you have the road and destination laid out already. 🛤

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