Thoughts on Magic Pills

Magic pills.

“Follow this program for 30 days and you’ll lose 20 kg”

“Get this online course on public speech and within 5 days you will talk like Steve Jobs”

“Put this perfume on and you will be irresistible to humankind”

Nothing of long-term, real value is achieved with huge shortcuts.

If it’s too easy, there is likely a big catch there- watch out for magic pills.

Can’t help but think how this translates into the workplace.

Short-term stardom versus long-term, balanced consistency.

I see all too often star performers that completely lose their equilibrium while chasing immediate 3-4 quarters glory.

Everyone hurrays, celebrates. They are giving it all and even more. But the price…there is always a price.

The price of bad sleep, processed fast food, not enough family/friends time, abandoned hobbies…

The price of losing complete balance in your life is serious burnout that bites back for years. Yes, 3-4 quarters of amazing success, but then a big downfall, no energy, foul mindset.

Need more magic pills. But magic kills. They realize that sooner or later.

Balanced growth and consistency over short-term success, any day.

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